Kratom Dosage And Strains Explained!

Kratom, for the unversed, is an all-natural herb found in Southeast Asian countries, such as Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. It belongs to the same family as coffee and is known for its alkaloid profile. Effects associated with kratom have been attributed to two important alkaloids – 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine. Today, you can find all sorts of kratom products online, right from OPMS kratom shot to powders and capsules. In this post, we are discussing the basics of kratom, in terms of dosage and strains.

Popular strains

There are different kratom strains available, each one associated with a specific benefit. Red Bali kratom, for example, is great for pain relief, while Borneo kratom, which can be red, white, or green, is great for those dealing with insomnia. Green Malay kratom is ideal for anxiety and stress, while Indo kratom is great for pain relief and relaxation. One of the potent kratom strains is called Maeng Da, which has its origins in Thailand. It can be either white, green, or red. Malaysian kratom is known to be more balanced in terms of effects.

How much of kratom to consume?

Kratom is extremely potent, and the interesting part is how this herb works differently in different doses. If you take kratom in a small dose, you are likely to have a sense of euphoria. Many writers often use kratom to feel more focused and creative. In higher doses, kratom is more relaxing. It can help in sleeping better and has sedative effects. This brings us to the main question – How much of kratom is ideal? If you are new to this herb, we do not recommend more than 5 grams per day. In fact, you should start with 2 grams initially and increase if needed. A high dose of kratom is anywhere between 5 and 15 grams, and beyond 15 grams, kratom can be really damaging.

Follow the product

Many brands have dosage instructions for kratom products on the label, which can be handy. In general, it is always best to start slow with kratom and check how it works for your personal health benefits. A dosage of 5 grams is what most people will need for wellness benefits. Make sure that you get your kratom from a brand that you can trust, and don’t shy away from asking relevant questions related to the product, if needed.

When used efficiently and as recommended, kratom is always useful.

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