Three Major Symptoms of Lice

You are trying a new cloth in the trial room of a shop. The moment you are about to change your t-shirt, you notice an insect like thing right on your white dress. You try to have a closer look of it and realize it’s a louse. Your world stops spinning or maybe the entire still world spins for a while. You are unable to understand whether it has really come out from your scalp or not. You rush to your home, take a comb and start combing your hair towards the ground. Not just one, but many lice fall on the floor and you realize you have a… lice infestation!

The best thing to do after this or a similar situation is to look for lice removal Houston so that you can get rid of all the lice infestation you have on your scalp.

However, this is something that happens only when lice have increased way too much in your scalp. If they have a huge amount of population, they fall down on the floor, clothes and pillows very easily. They can embarrass you right in front of your friends. You can also have some of your loved ones infected with lice eggs and finally, lice.

Therefore, it is good to look for signs pre-handedly and understand them before things go beyond control and you get into a situation somewhat similar to what is mentioned. Following are the three major symptoms of lice:

  1. You have unbearable and inexplicable itching in your scalp: If you have been itching without any valid reason, maybe it’s a sign of lice in your hair. Even lice eggs are sharp and cause you itching, unusually and way too much.
  2. You feel something is moving in your hair: Movement is often felt when the lice are moving or crawling on your scalp. They know how to lay eggs, populate themselves and feast on your blood. You might feel like something is moving on your scalp when you have lice infestation.
  3. You have noticed tiny shiny glass-life pieces in your hair: These are nothing but lice eggs. It is easy to remove lice from your scalp, but very difficult to get rid of lice eggs.

If you control lice way before they over-populate themselves in your hair, you save yourself from a huge embarrassment. Often lice are associated with hygiene, even though it is not complete true.

Abel Lila

The author Abel Lila