Why is Bangkok the Global Hub for Cosmetic Surgery?

This is a question that many people ask, and much like Istanbul is the capital of the hair transplant industry, the unique city of Bangkok has earned the reputation for being home to the best cosmetic surgery clinics. There are several reasons for this, which we will outline in this article.

Low Cost of Living

Bangkok enjoys a lower cost of living than any western country, while salaries are also lower and for a world-class plastic surgeon, Bangkok is the perfect base, and this also greatly benefits the client, as costs are much lower. A receptionist, for example, would receive a salary of around $450, plus property is relatively cheap to lease and all this adds up to a suitable environment for a top-rated clinic. You can have natural nose surgery in Bangkok and then take a few weeks holiday exploring the South of Thailand, or visit the mountainous north.

The Best Facilities

Bangkok clinics are known to be state of the art, they must be to attract the top surgeons, who prefer to work with the best equipment. The latest technology would be found in Bangkok cosmetic surgery clinics, using the best tech there is to ensure perfect results and leading clinics do have impressive client lists, with many Thai superstars undergoing treatment to enhance their looks.

Thai Surgeons

As Thailand has always been a major venue for cosmetic surgery, the universities offer the right courses and this leads to many medical professionals turning to cosmetic surgery. The standards are very high and after 10 years, surgeon would likely have his own practice and would build a solid reputation, plus they would be registered with the Medical Council of Thailand.

Combine Treatment with a Premier Holiday

One of the reasons people fly to Bangkok to have their treatment is the low cost; even with the airfares and accommodation, Bangkok is still cheaper than any European city and you can enjoy the amazing natural beauty of Thailand, while resting after your natural nose surgery (called เสริมจมูกแบบธรรมชาติ in Thai). You could, for example, spend two weeks on a tropical island in the south of Thailand after your surgery in Bangkok, which would be the best way to convalesce.

Whether you are interested in rhinoplasty or breast augmentation, search online for a leading Bangkok-based cosmetic surgery clinic and see what they can for you. The surgeon would give you an initial consultation, during which time you can tell the surgeon what you require, which would lead to an agreeable treatment.

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