June 2021


Factors to Consider When Buying a Walker

If you or an elderly friend or relative is experiencing problems with mobility, then you should consider purchasing a mobility aid as soon as possible. Indeed, more people than ever are using mobility aids to help them get around and maintain a level of independence. Furthermore, you should also understand that you should consider a number of factors when you are looking to buy a walker for yourself, a friend or an elderly family member. This is especially pertinent if you do not have extensive knowledge about mobility aids or how to choose a particular type of device. For more information about the various types of mobility aids that are available on the market, you should think about consulting one of a number of online business directories as you will be able to identify several suppliers that you can contact.

  • Choose the right type of walker

A walker is a type of mobility aid which can help people who are having issues with their mobility. Indeed, if you are experiencing mobility issues, but you are still able to walk, then you may want to think about purchasing a walker to maintain a high level of independence. However, you should also be aware that a walker with seat is available on the market as it can help you to maintain an independent life.

  • Enjoy several benefits

If you are experiencing issues with your mobility, then you should consider a variety of mobility aids that could help you to improve your personal safety as well as maintain a level of independence. This is especially pertinent if you have issues with your mobility but you can still walk as a particular type of walker may be appropriate for you. You should also ensure that if you are buying a walker for an elderly friend or relative then you should take them with you so they can test the device.

  • Consider the various features

Finally, it is important to understand that if you are thinking about buying a walker for yourself, a friend or an elderly family member, you should consider a number of factors to help you choose the right type of walker. Indeed, you should determine whether you need wheels or a seat as well as choose a walker that is the appropriate height and width for your body size.

  • Choose the right type
  • Enjoy several benefits
  • Consider the features

Therefore, in conclusion, if you have issues with your mobility and you are thinking about purchasing a particular type of mobility aid, you should be aware that a walker with a seat maybe just what you are looking for.

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5 hobbies that have become more popular in the past year

With shops and restaurants closed, and millions of people being placed on furlough during the pandemic, it’s no wonder that many turned to an array of intriguing and sometimes bizarre hobbies to fill their ample free time.

Though many will be looking forward to being able to return to some sense of normality in the coming months, with the added insurance of a COVID-19 antigen test, we’re looking back at five of the most popular hobbies people have taken up in the past year.


During the pandemic, many of us found our green thumb, with millions around the country using their gardens, balconies, windowsills and any other disused surface as a place to store their new, leafy family members.

In the early months of lockdown, when spring was in the air, people flocked to their gardens to plant the seeds of a new hobby. Many began small, taking on a succulent or two, but some wanted more and began growing vegetables and fruits, learning how to care for them and eventually how to incorporate all their new veggies into their meals.

Gardening was an incredibly accessible hobby, allowing even those without gardens to join in with indoor options. it also encouraged us to be out in the fresh air at a time when most were confined to their homes.

Online workouts

With gyms and exercise classes off-limits to us all, working out moved online. Memberships to online workout classes shot up with many preferring the accessibility of a home workout, led by a professional. And though gyms are now opening back up to the public, and many are looking forward to returning to in-person workout classes, with the help of a Healgen Antigen test to keep us all safe, online workouts are still happening and will likely be here to stay.


Less vigorous but more therapeutic hobbies also held people’s interests, including everything from knitting and crocheting, to painting by numbers and clay craft kits to try out at home. People’s creativity was exercised in a number of ways, and with it came a number of independent businesses, too!

The crafting craze led to a surge in the ‘side hustle,’ allowing those on furlough to not only occupy their time, but also earn a bit of extra cash through platforms like eBay and Etsy.


Another craze that was more homely and less healthy was the banana bread craze. For a few weeks at least, it seemed you couldn’t open Instagram without seeing another friend making a banana bread. Shops ran out of flour, there was a national yeast shortage and homes around the country smelled like baking at all hours of the day.

The baking trend meant that for people who had, perhaps, never had the time to try it, were trying out new recipes, breads with all kinds of fruit in and cakes that filled their freezers and stomachs for weeks.

Learning a new language

Whether it was Spanish, Mandarin or Sign Language, people around the UK decided to use their newfound free time to upskill, and with a number of educators moving online and creating free, accessible resources, it couldn’t have been easier.

Duolingo and YouTube provided people with new and exciting ways to learn. Hopefully, as we return to normality, many can use these newfound skills in their lives, perhaps on a trip abroad.

As everything goes back to normal, let’s hope people can still find time for the new hobbies they picked up during a year that really was like no other.

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Taking Up Vaping: Everything You Need To Consider

When you are considering taking up vaping, there are many factors that you will have to consider. With so much choice available on the market when looking at the devices and e-liquids, it is sometimes hard to know where to start. However, vaping is much better for your health than smoking, so whatever vaping device and e-liquid you choose, vaping is better for you. Below are some of the factors you will need to consider when getting started vaping for the first time.

The Type Of Vaping Device You Will Use

You are going to have to consider what type of vaping device you want to use when you quit smoking and take up vaping. There are many different devices from which you can choose, and it is worth the time and effort visiting a few vaping stores and seeing the differences between the devices. While you are there you can also seek advice on whether you should get a starter kit, a sub-ohm device, or a mod box, which are a few of the choices available.

The E-liquid You Will Vape

When you look at the sheer choice of e-liquid available, it can leave you not knowing where to start with so many options available. There are e-liquids in various fruit flavours, dessert flavours, and other strange flavour profiles you may not have thought of before, but they are available. As well as the taste of the Vapoholic premium e-liquid you are considering, there are other things that you will need to think about, such as the nicotine strength. Many e-liquids are available without any nicotine at all, and you can often purchase them in various strengths, including 3mg, 6mg, 12, mg, 18, mg, and 24mg of nicotine. You will also need to consider the VG (vegetable glycerine) and PG (Propylene Glycol) ratio and check that your device is suitable for the PG//VG ratio of e-liquid you are thinking of trying.

Additional Accessories You May Require

Whether you require any additional accessories to start vaping will depend on the type of vaping device you choose to use. Some devices are more technical, and you need to make the coils yourself, while some are simple and disposable once you finish them. You may find that you require additional batteries and a battery charger, replacement coils, replacement mouthpiece, and for the more technical devices, you will also need some tools. However, before you try vaping for the first time, it is often better to begin using a starter kit to ensure that it is suitable for you and is something you can stick with for the long term.

Do Plenty Of Research

Before you spend your money, ensure that you do plenty of research and look at the reviews of the different vaping devices you are thinking of purchasing. Vaping can be an excellent way to stop smoking, and by taking the time to ensure you select the best vaping device for you, you can give yourself the best chance of quitting smoking for good. Vaping will not only benefit your health, and you may be surprised at how much cheaper it is than smoking and how much money you can save each month.

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