July 2021


Will Medicare Cover CBD Products?

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is derived from the hemp plant and is an active ingredient of marijuana. Although CBD is a compound in marijuana, it does not get you “high” like marijuana. However, it does provide other benefits. CBD has become heavily used as a natural remedy across the nation, but it is not legal in all 50 states. There are many different types of CBD products, such as CBD oil, vapes, and gummies. Many of America’s senior citizens use CBD and wonder if Medicare will cover CBD products if it is legal in their state. Let’s first discuss the benefits of CBD and how it can help you.

Benefits of CBD

CBD products are not meant for everyone as CBD can have side effects, such as drowsiness, fatigue, dry mouth, or loss of appetite. If you do not experience the adverse side effects of CBD, you will likely find that CBD provides many positive benefits.

CBD is known to help with inflammation, muscle pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression and can even help reduce acne. Seniors are prone to underlying health conditions as they age, which is why many take advantage of CBD products to help manage their symptoms.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 25% of American seniors 65 years and older have diabetes, and 5.8 million seniors have had Alzheimer’s disease. Studies have shown CBD products can help prevent diabetes and even prevent social recognition in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

Medicare’s coverage

Medicare is America’s national insurance program for those who are 65 years and older and for those who qualify earlier due to disability. Medicare comes in two parts: Part A covers inpatient services, and Part B covers outpatient care. Medicare covers any service that is deemed and coded as medically necessary by a physician. Medically necessary is defined as any healthcare service or supplies needed to help diagnose or treat an injury, disease, condition, or illness.

As mentioned, Medicare Part A covers inpatient care. For example, Part A will cover a semi-private hospital room, three meals a day, and any required lab services during an inpatient stay. Part A will also cover skilled nursing, hospice, and short-term home health care.

Part B is outpatient coverage for preventative services, such as doctor’s visits, ambulance rides, select vaccinations, and durable medical equipment. However, Medicare does not cover prescription medications or routine dental, vision, and hearing services.

CBD products and Medicare

CBD products have yet to be approved by the FDA and are not federally legal across the nation. Due to this, Medicare will not cover any form of CBD. To this day, CBD is labeled as a Schedule 1 drug by the United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), as it contains THC.

Since CBD has not been federally legalized, it would be against the law for Medicare or other medical insurance companies to cover CBD products. Therefore, if you were to purchase any CBD product, you will pay the total price out of pocket.

Epidiolex, a drug that contains CBD, is FDA-approved for treatment for seizures for patients with Lenox-Gastaut and Dravet (two rare forms of epilepsy). Medicare Part D is solely prescription drug coverage. If you enroll in a Part D plan or Medicare Advantage plan that lists Epidiolex on the plan’s drug formulary, then this medication would be covered by your plan. But, since Medicare does not cover prescriptions, Medicare itself will not cover Epidiolex.


Medicare covers many inpatient and outpatient services that are deemed medically necessary by a physician. But, Medicare has yet to consider CBD products as a proper diagnosis or treatment for an injury, disease, condition, or illness. Whether you purchase CBD oil, vapes, or gummies, expect to pay the total cost out of pocket in the store in the meantime.

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Why You Should Seek Professional Alcohol Treatment

Alcoholism is a problem affecting many lives and families. Alcohol drinking is a common thing among people, but it becomes a problem, especially when they can control cravings, hence becoming addicts. Addiction occurs when a person can’t control the urge to take a substance, and the behavior leads to excessive consumption that tampers with brain functionality.

However, with the help of rehabilitation centers, people struggling with addiction are finding help and regaining their lives back. If you are struggling with alcohol addiction, check out and learn more about alcohol addiction and recovery processes. Below are reasons for seeking help from a Santa Barbara addiction treatment center.

Relapse prevention

Relapse happens when a person gets back to consuming alcohol after starting or completing the detox process. Relapse is a common complication among individuals undergoing alcohol treatment. In such situations, the urge to continue taking alcohol is great that they don’t predict the dangers coming along with the excessive drinking habit to their health. Alcohol treatment targets helping a patient regain health and life back after being involved in a wasteful lifestyle. A patient understands the best ways to avoid cravings as it’s the only best way to prevent relapse

Peer support

A rehab center comprises professional counselors, nurses, doctors, therapists, and other specialists targeting helping alcohol addicts recover. Also, individuals are going through treatment and recovery processes. In a variety of counseling sessions, patients are involved in individualized and group sessions. Here, they receive help on how to deal with their issues.

The group sessions are important in helping each patient understand that other people are in the same or even worse situations due to the addiction, yet they are recovering. The sessions give chances to patients to express themselves, their struggle with alcoholism, their journey to recovery, what they intend to do after recovering, etc. Therefore, being part of a peer group helps one to open up and share personal experiences, which is an important experience for recovery and life after recovery.

Therapeutic intervention

Professional alcohol treatment programs provide medical support beyond imagination and clinical support. Unlike when a patient attempts to detox at home, a rehab center provides corrective assistance targeting ensuring that a patient receives the best treatment and keeps the balance real. Relapse cases are common among patients who don’t seek professional treatment as they don’t know the best techniques for handling the cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

These programs provide collective assistance and treatment comprising individual treatments selective therapies and combined therapy sessions. All these programs work together, aiming at providing a patient with vital tools to completely stop the consumption of alcohol and have a productive life without drinking.


Professional alcohol medical care offers health care for health-related problems, changes, medication guidelines, and psychological health issues. During the detox process, every patient undergoes a thorough check-up and testing. It helps to determine the extent of alcohol use and how intoxicated the person’s system might be. These issues give the medical staff ideas on how to help a patient go through the recovery process successfully without life-threatening experiences. As a patient in such a facility, you are assured of receiving proper support and care to ensure that they get their sober and productive life back and safely.


In a rehab center, patients learn about addiction, issues that drag many addicts into taking alcohol, how to avoid relapse cases, etc. You can acquire a lot of information in such a set-up that you are likely never to acquire while at home. Moreover, you receive customized medication that helps to manage the withdrawal symptom experiences. A rehab setup offers lessons that ensure a person changes their perspective towards alcoholism, which helps them quit completely.

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5 Easy Ways To Make a Great Impression

Are you feeling a bit out of the loop socially? Do you feel self-conscious, leading to isolation and disconnection? If so, you’re not alone. Plenty of people, especially if their life circumstance involves a lot of time alone (caregiving, remote work) feel off their game when it comes to being around others. Fortunately, you can do a few simple things to start looking and feeling more confident immediately. Here’s how to get started.

1. A Pleasant Expression

A slight smile always looks attractive when you’re in a group setting. Think of “brightening” your face a bit. The corners of your mouth will turn up slightly, and you’ll look more approachable. When the situation’s right, smile sincerely. Do you have serious dental issues that make you reluctant to smile? Try a search using terms such as dental implants Brooklyn to find a qualified professional.

2. Excellent Posture

Excellent posture is a characteristic that confident people tend to have, and it’s within your reach. Think of holding your body from the core up. Relax your shoulders, and preserve a natural curve in your neck. Imagine that your ribs are floating. Feel the stability of the earth beneath you, and allow that to help you balance your body. You’ll probably start breathing more freely and feel better right away.

3. Eye Contact

There’s no need to stare into other people’s eyes, but making friendly occasional eye contact as you talk builds social bonds and a feeling of trust. There’s a wealth of both anecdotal and research-based information out there about the power of eye contact. Check it out and use it to your advantage.

4. Good Grooming

Simple things like styled hair, clean clothes, clean teeth, and attention to facial and body hair can make all the difference in how you come across to others. Invest in a good three-way full-length mirror so you can see yourself from all angles. Make it a habit to give yourself a once-over before you leave home.

5. A Pleasant Voice

Record yourself. Listen compassionately. Is your voice pleasant and clear, or do you have pitch, tone, or projection issues? If so, it’s a straightforward process to make improvements. Take a look at YouTube for some great advice from vocal coaches, or invest in an individual session to get personalized help.

Making a good impression has a lot to do with simple self-care. Try these tips to connect more easily with others.

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Ensuring You See A Reputable & Qualified Psychiatrist

It can be challenging for us to reach out and ask for help when we are suffering from mental problems, and sometimes we do not know where to turn. There is a lot of assistance available for you if you know where to look to help you with the issues you need to resolve. If you or someone you love is suffering from mental health issues and you want to see a psychiatrist, below are some tips to help you find the best one for your condition. Follow the advice below, and hopefully, you will soon be back on the road to recovery and help preserve your mental health.

Speak To A Medical Professional

Even if you are positive that you have a psychological issue that you need help with, your first port of call will be with a medical professional or your GP. You will need to have an assessment to see the depth of the problem you are suffering from, so you can get a referral to the most relevant specialist. You may find that your doctor does not think your issue is too severe, and they can treat you through prescription medication. There may also be counselling available in your area that may benefit you, and your doctor will discuss the options with you and give you a recommendation as to what they think is best for you. However, you can have some input on who you are referred to, so it is worthwhile to research before seeing your doctor and looking at the psychiatrist in your local area.

Looking For Help Online

When you research psychiatrists in your local area, you will notice that many of them can see you as a private patient, which you will have to pay for yourself. A referral from your GP to one may be free or at a reduced rate, so if you have the funds available, you can see whichever psychiatrist you want if you can afford their fees. You will find a list of all the registered qualified psychiatrists online, and you can look at their website or LinkedIn profile to see which ones are in your area. Once you have found the local psychiatrists in your area, you will want to do more digging before booking a consultation or seeking a referral.

Seek A Specialist In The Area You Need Help

A qualified psychiatrist can assist you with many different issues. However, you will want to select one that specialises in the area you need help with, so you get the best treatment possible. There are many issues a reputable psychiatrist can assist with, including:

  • OCD
  • PTSD
  • Anxiety
  • Phobias
  • Depression
  • Eating Disorders
  • Addiction
  • Sleeping Disorders

Each psychiatrist has their specialities, so choosing one that knows your condition intimately can help to ensure you get the best treatment to help you make a positive change. You will also need to know that even if you have a small problem, it can take multiple sessions before you get to the bottom of things. Do not be able to expect to see them once or twice, and everything will be fine. Psychological problems can often be deep-rooted and take a while to understand, so ensure you persevere with your treatment. Hopefully, once you have started your treatment, you will be feeling better and in a much better place psychologically.

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What Should You Do After Surgery?

As a patient, having surgery is just the first step. There is a demanding task ahead; recovery. How fast your recovery takes place depends on a lot of factors.

The most important thing is that you have the will and desire for a fast recovery. Here are some tips that you can follow for fast recovery;

Adhering to the doctor’s instruction

Recovery is a crucial step after a procedure; therefore, you should do everything that it takes to get better, including following the given instructions.

At times the medical practitioner may advise to stop using some things or even not to carry out some activities. This may not be appealing to you, and you may be tempted to disregard the instructions, but it would be best not.

An easier way of following instructions is by understanding why you are doing it; hence you should always make inquiries.

Scrutinize your wound

The site of wounds is not appealing to most of us, but you will have to check on yours to be sure that it is healing correctly.

The surgeon could have used lighted retractor; hence, the incision was small, resulting in a minor wound.

Proper diet

Your diet should consist of repair foods that will fasten your wound healing process. It is also advisable to have foods rich in other nutrients to ensure your body lacks anything.

It is also encouraged for you to avoid foods that the doctor may have warned you about.

Visit the hospital regularly

After every surgery, there are certain follow-up appointments that you are required to go to. This will help the doctor in monitoring the progress of your wound.

However, you should make a point of visiting the hospital whenever you feel something is not correct.

Provide proper care for your wound

Your main goal after surgery is to have your wounds heal properly. The goal will require you to take proper care of the wound.

It will involve disinfecting the wound, proper dressing, and taking antibiotics.

Remaining active

It would be best to try to do some activities that will help your body be active throughout the recovery. However, do not engage in strenuous activities that may cause your stitches to open up.

Some of the activities include walking or light exercises. You should consult your doctor on the activities you can engage in and also when you can go back to doing vigorous physical activities.

Taking care while coughing and sneezing

You have been coughing and sneezing all your life without following any procedure. However, it is a requirement that you take extra care after surgery.

The reason being that the use of a lot of force could lead to the opening of stitches.

Use painkillers

You cannot escape pain after surgery. Your doctor will prescribe some painkillers to aid in the management of the pain.

Caution should, however, be taken as you use them to avoid creating a dependency on them. This would be like getting out of one problem only to end up in another.

You must consult with the doctor to ensure that the painkillers will not have any long-term effect on your health, especially if your recovery takes a long time.

Many patients are encouraged to have someone to look after them, especially if they had painful surgery.

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How to try CBD online for cheap

If you have been looking for a way to try CBD online for cheap prices, there are a few ways to do it. There is no better way to find cheap prices than with ordering directly from the manufacturer; this is especially true when ordering in bulk. This is also true if you decide to do your shopping on the internet. In either case, here are a few tips to keep in mind. These tips will get you on the road to cheap CBD without breaking the bank.

When you are ready to place an order, make sure that you are using a reputable online retailer. When you choose a good company, you will have peace of mind that you are doing business with someone who is legit and cares about providing a quality product. If you find yourself in doubt, do a little research; ask some questions and check the company’s history. If they have been around for awhile, you should be able to find plenty of testimonials and reviews online.

Once you have found the right company to work with, you will want to place your order. One option to help you get cheap prices is to purchase a CBD trial kit; these trial kits are available anywhere online. The advantage to buying CBD online is that you can try out the product before purchasing it. You can even order it from your own home! Keep in mind that it may take up to a week for the CBD supplements to be shipped to you. If you are willing to wait that long, then by all means, order the product.

Another way to get cheap CBD is to buy a CBD Capsule. These capsules contain an equal amount of CBD and other herbs that work together to improve joint pain relief in people suffering from arthritis. Although the product cannot really “cure” arthritis, it does help to ease the pain of the symptoms.

The last option is to buy CBD products on eBay, Amazon or other online retailers. You may be able to find products at a really low price. Keep in mind that when you buy online, you usually have no recourse if the product you order doesn’t work for you. Make sure that you do enough research into the products you are considering before making your purchase.

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