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Why Face Coverings are so Important in Enclosed Spaces

You’ll no doubt have seen the many articles and news stories telling you about the importance of wearing face coverings. They are now being made mandatory in certain spaces, unless you have an exemption. But can they really help prevent the spread of Covid-19? Here’s why face coverings are so important during the pandemic for yours and others’ safety.

Face masks are essential when you can’t socially distance

While social distancing is one of the best ways to stop the spread of coronavirus, many people will tell you that it’s not always possible. From walking down narrow streets to trying to shop in narrow supermarket aisles, there is often no way of keeping 2 metres apart from others. In these cases, bulk washable face masks can help you out. While they don’t eliminate the need to socially distance, they offer protection when you can’t.

Face coverings prevent you spreading droplets

There are a number of ways in which droplets can be spread from you to another person:

  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Heavy breathing/panting
  • Speaking

It’s impossible to stop yourself from doing these things completely in public, which is why you should wear a mask. Face masks manufacturers design masks to minimise the amount of droplets that leave your mouth, and if someone sneezes or coughs near you, it prevents you from inhaling them.

Face coverings can protect from a lot of airborne illnesses

The reasons for face coverings becoming commonplace is due to coronavirus, but they can actually be good for protecting you against other ailments. If you are someone who picks up every illness during cold and flu season, then a mask can be a good idea, as it means you don’t have to fight off as much sickness. While measures like having a flu jab and staying healthy can also help, wearing a mask could be a good way to keep you safe.

Face coverings come in a range of styles, from serious medical masks worn by professionals, to simple cloth masks that you can wash and reuse. Each one offers its own level of protection. It’s worth considering a face mask, as they are an excellent way to protect yourself in small, enclosed area, where you often can’t socially distance. It doesn’t protect you 100%, but it can stop you from inhaling droplets from infected people, as well as preventing you from potentially infecting other people if you are sick.

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