May 2023


Looking Your Best To Impress with a great smile

Human beings are marvelous creatures, we come in all shapes and sizes. This diversity makes each and every one of us a unique and special individual. No matter who you are, you probably want to look your best and make a great impression on those around you. According to a recent report, Australians spend $100 billion a year on their personal appearance, a steep price for society to pay for perceived perfection! It really doesn’t have to be that way, you don’t have to be a movie star or a supermodel, or be among the rich and famous to look and feel great. Here are some tips to help you take whatever it is you’ve got, and make it work for you!

  • Smiles, everyone, smiles! – The old saying goes “smile and the world smiles with you”, and it’s a scientifically proven fact! Research shows that smiles create a positive feedback loop between people, the participants feel happier when giving one and receiving one back! Our teeth are the star in that show, keeping them in top condition is important for our health and for our appearance. Sometimes this requires some extra help from dental care specialists, who can repair conditions like discolored or crooked teeth. The thought of needing braces once inspired fear in many a soul, because of the potential discomfort, and the perceived negative effect on our appearance. Now that’s not a problem anymore, you can have your teeth aligned without anyone hardly noticing at all! Just get in touch with a dentist that provides Invisalign in Sydney, their helpful dental technicians can provide you with a set of clear aligners that you can take off whenever you feel like it. Remember, smiles are always in style!
  • The eyes have it – Engaging and maintaining good eye contact encourages others to like and respect you, making it a very important tool for building and maintaining relationships. It helps us communicate more clearly, adds credibility to our words, and helps gauge sincerity. It’s said that “the eyes are the windows to the soul”- there must be some reason they are the subject of so many love songs and poems! In any case, you need look no further to make a great impression.
  • Do some posturing – Maintaining good posture is a simple thing we can do that will net immediate positive results. Your mother probably told you “Don’t slouch, stand up straight!” well, she was right (as usual!), standing with your head erect and your shoulders held back lends you an air of confidence that is always attractive! This even applies to when you are seated, don’t slouch over in your chair, sit up straight and give others the impression that you are present and paying attention- they will really appreciate it! Good posture can help you make good impressions every time, and it feels great, too!

See? None of this will add up to a billion dollars, but it’s guaranteed to make you feel like a million bucks!

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