Healthy Salty Snacks to Keep at Your Office Desk

We are all fans of some good snacks. It doesn’t matter whether that means healthy salty snacks or super sweet snacks. They all are equally good. And the good news is that we can make the snacks however we like them.

While you might like to mix fruits with nuts, another may like their crisps in sauces. It all comes down to your cravings and what you feel like having that day. For healthy fanatics, check out some healthy options in this article.

Salted nuts

The best thing about nuts is that you can eat them anytime, anywhere, and however you want. If you want the natural nut taste, you can go with boiled unsalted nuts. For the healthy and salty, you can always fry your nuts with a pinch of salt, which will change everything.

You can then accompany them with some sauce or dipping, or even eat them with your fruits for a sweet-salty taste. Or, mix them with some potato or sweet potato crisps. They are tasty, delicious, and nutritious!

Sweet potato chips

You probably carry your chips everywhere; at the movies, for a picnic at the park, on road trips, and even eat them in the house. Guess where you can carry them too, the office! They will also keep you full if you don’t have enough time for a proper lunch.

However, most people only care about potato chips, but have you tried sweet potato chips? These are a healthier option and taste even better than most. So, if you haven’t tried them yet, you might want to buy these next time. Of course, don’t forget your favorite sauce.


Olives have long been known for their healthy, nutritious benefits, and people have been using them in different ways. That is in the kitchen to cook, in salads, made cooking oil, and guess what else you can do with olives, snack!

Like many of your favorite snacks, you can eat them however you want. You can mix them with your favorite snacks or even try out other options and experiment with how you like them. Who knows, you might just discover a new favorite.

Salted nut butter

When you have those healthy dry snacks, and while you like them just like that, you will make them better if you have them with some sauce or dipping. How about you go for salted nut butter and try it out first.

Again, this is not just regular butter. The nuts and salt make it heavy, tangy, and tasty, making a heavier snack that can keep you full and energized in the office while waiting for your lunch or dinner. It is a healthy option.


Popcorns make us happy. They are one of the staple snacks to enjoy while doing the things we love, like watching our favorite Netflix series or when just chilling with our best friends and loved ones.

That’s why they are good options to bring to the office, too; for good vibes, energy, and motivation. So how about you treat yourself with popcorn on the next office day?

Abel Lila

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