Deciding which field you want to make a career in, is never easy. Once you have decided that, you need to start looking into colleges that will provide you with the necessary training and knowledge which will help you excel in that field. Things are no different when you plan to be a dental hygienist. There are various markers of a Good Dental Hygiene College Toronto. Here are some of the things that you should look out for when you are making a decision about which program to take.


A simple search on the internet will provide you with thousands of program options that you can choose from. When you are looking at these courses, one of the things that you need to look out for is the accreditation given by the Commission on Dental Accreditation in Canada (CDAC). CDAC has the legal mandate because of which they have developed strict criteria which the programs need to meet. Before getting the accreditation, each institute has to undergo a thorough inspection. A team reaches onsite, scrutinizes the program and takes the required information from the college, students, instructors and other stakeholders. Only once the institute has met all the requirements would it receive accreditation. The course must have accreditation otherwise there are high chances that you might not be allowed to sit for the National Dental Hygiene Certification Exam. This exam is necessary to pass so you can become a dental hygienist.


The curriculum of the course should be enriching. Each program provides theoretical knowledge. In the field of oral health, practical knowledge is equally important. The curriculum should be designed in such a way that it provides you with both theoretical and practical knowledge. When you gain practical knowledge, you would be able to understand how various equipment works and what you need to do in a real setup. Also, knowing about the kind of equipment that they have on campus can be really helpful. Knowing about the class size is also crucial. Some institutes end up enrolling more students than they can handle. 1:6 ratio in the clinic or lab is a good ratio and something you should look into before deciding.


Faculty is one of the central pillars which holds the institute together. The faculty members should have experience in the industry. When you are a dental hygienist, most of your knowledge is hands-on. A faculty member who has been working in the field would be able to provide you with knowledge that is beyond the books. It is these things that truly add to the learning experience.


The course lasts from between 18 months to two years. The college should be such a place where you can see yourself spending time. Look into the amenities provided by the college and the kind of extra-curricular activities that they have. College is not just about classroom learning but about the overall growth of the student. Look into the infrastructure and think if you can imagine yourself going there.

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