Understanding Laser Hair Removal

Not only can unwanted hair be embarrassing, whether it is on your upper lip or your underarms, but it can also be pesky to manage as well. Many treatments for removing unwanted hair are either time consuming, like shaving, or painful, like waxing, and they still don’t offer lasting results. The good news is, though, that there are ways to help get rid of unwanted hair, like laser hair removal spa Manhattan that tend to offer a more permanent solution for dealing with your unwanted hair.

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is essentially what it sounds like, the removal of unwanted hair with lasers. At a laser hair removal appointment, a technician will cleanse the area that is going to be treated. After that, they will use a machine that emits a laser beam and pass it over the effected area. The heat from the laser will target the pigment in the hair underneath your skin, and destroy the follicle. After several treatments that are typically spaced out over several weeks, the hair follicle should become damaged enough that it can no longer produce hair, which will typically result in lasting hair removal.

It can be important to note, though, that it is likely to experience some discomfort during this procedure, and that the level of discomfort you experience will depend on a variety of factors, like your skin type, pain tolerance levels, and the area that you are getting treated. Additionally, in some, hair follicles can heal and regenerate themselves so some future hair re-growth is possible.

What Are the Benefits?

There can be many benefits to getting laser hair removal. The primary one is that it tends to be more permanent that other types of hair removal, and that for many, after several treatments hair no longer grows from that location. Also, when you are between treatments you can still shave your unwanted hair as it grows back, unlike with other forms of hair removal like waxing, where you must allow hair to grow out before you can remove it. Yet another benefit is that it can save you money over time. While the upfront costs may seem like more than other kinds of hair removal, the reality is that in the long run the costs of things like razors or waxing kits can add up and ultimately cost you more money than simply getting laser hair removal.

Unwanted hair can be both embarrassing, and a hassle to get rid of. The good news is, though, that you have options, and that laser hair removal can be an effective way to rid yourself of unwanted hair.

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